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Revolutionising Oligos Efficiency: Enhance Your Oligonucleotides with Digital Innovation

In today’s ever-changing pharmaceutical landscape, there’s an emergence of new and ever-evolving modalities that have the potential to treat previously unmet needs; oligonucleotides are a key game player in this. However, these complex molecules are not without their challenges. Traditional methods of tracking and managing oligos can be fraught with inefficiencies, errors, and unnecessary costs. That’s where LabLinks come in.  

Our expert oligonucleotides digital tools bridge the gap between complex data sets and meaningful conclusions. They understand the complexities around RNA therapeutics and will revolutionise your oligonucleotides processes to enable you to make them quicker, cheaper, and more efficiently. 

Oligonucleotides have the power to treat previously unmet patient needs. You have the power to make them quicker and more efficiently, with LabLinks.  

Learn more about how you can streamline your oligos processes with digital innovation: 

  1. Save money, time and resources   One of the standout benefits of LabLinks’ software is its ability to save time and reduce costs. Automating the oligos process frees up researchers to focus on their primary tasks rather than spending valuable time on inventory management and repetitive tasks. This increased efficiency leads to faster project completion times and reduced labour costs. Furthermore, by providing accurate inventory data, the software helps prevent over-ordering and wastage, leading to substantial cost savings over time.   

  2. Convert your sequences into any format With our digital oligos software, you can convert your sequence to the format needed for different instruments in the laboratory. The digital tool takes your original sequence and instantly converts them into the required formats needed for many oligonucleotides equipment. This enables you to better understand your oligos sequences and gain a clearer idea of the outcome of your experiments.   

  3. Keep track of your oligos synthesises Easily keep track of your oligonucleotides synthesises with our oligos workflow tracking software. Stored in a user-friendly dashboard, the software automatically syncs with your ELN to keep all of your data safe and secure and in one place. The platform holds the details of your synthesis, along with your experiments results, maintaining data integrity.  

  4. Find the right method for your experiment  The OligoSynth table will instantly convert your sequences to enable you to find the right method for your experiment. The easy-to-use digital tool will convert the data you received into the results you should expect, helping you to stay on track with your processes and find the optimal route for your synthesis. 

  5. Enhance your accuracy and reliability   Manual tracking systems are often plagued by inaccuracies that can lead to significant setbacks in research. LabLinks automates data entry and tracking, ensuring that all information is accurate and up-to-date. This automation not only minimizes errors but also enhances the reliability of the data, providing researchers with confidence in their inventory records. Accurate tracking is crucial for maintaining the integrity of experiments and avoiding costly mistakes. 

  6. Improve collaboration   In collaborative research environments, effective data sharing is vital. LabLinks facilitates seamless sharing of inventory data among team members, ensuring that everyone has access to the latest information. This feature enhances coordination and communication within the team, leading to improved productivity and efficiency. Whether team members are in the same lab or across different locations, LabLinks ensures everyone is on the same page. 

  7. Make your oligos your way   LabLinks’ software is designed to be both flexible and scalable, catering to the unique needs of different laboratories. Whether you are a small research facility or a large biotechnology company, the software can be customised to meet your specific requirements. Its scalability ensures that as your lab grows, the software grows with you, providing a long-term solution for oligonucleotide tracking and management. 


LabLinks’ digital oligonucleotides tracking software is a game-changer for laboratories. By streamlining inventory management, enhancing accuracy, and reducing time and costs, LabLinks makes the oligo making process easier, quicker, cheaper, and more efficient. As labs continue to seek ways to optimise their operations and improve research outcomes, adopting advanced tools like ours will be crucial in staying ahead in the competitive landscape of scientific innovation. 


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