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Disruptive Digital Solutions.
Let Lablinks help revolutionise your workflows is on a mission to powerup scientific advancement by delivering cuttingedge digital solutions for our customers. Specialising in the scientific industries, our dedicated team of developers, data science experts and scientific domain experts are committed to helping you drive innovation, efficiently. 




Scientific Web Apps and Tools

Explore efficiency and breakthroughs with's Scientific Web Apps and Tools. Let us know what you need to automate and our user-friendly interfaces and innovative functionalities will simplify delivery, enhancing collaboration and data analysis.

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Oligonucleotide Workflow tracking Software

Track and optimize oligonucleotide workflows with's dedicated monitoring software. We convert oligonucleotide strings between different vendor formats and connect your different datastreams into one place. We help you ensure a seamless synthesis and purification processes, saving time, reducing costs, ensuring quality and maximizing overall efficiency.

Data Processing

 ELN System Integration and Augmentation

Elevate your Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) experience with Our customised solutions bring bespoke operations into your ELN and speed up your scientific writing. We can streamline data management, improve accessibility, and optimize collaboration, turning your ELN system into the catalyst for scientific advancement that you planned when you purchased.

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LC Eluent Level Monitoring Ecosystem using Machine Vision

Experience precision and efficiency in liquid chromatography with's LC Eluent Level Monitoring Ecosystem. Real-time monitoring and control of eluent levels optimize chromatographic separations, ensuring consistent, reliable results in the laboratory.

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Chromatography Data system Monitoring Software

Gain real-time insights with's advanced chromatography data monitoring software. Measure your Chromatography system usage for KPI definition and integrate these findings into dashboards and notification streams. We go beyond traditional analysis, offering customizable reporting and intelligent automation for precise and efficient scientific research.


Stock Consult

LabLinks was established in 2020 with one mission: We want to supercharge your scientific advancements by delivering cutting-edge digital solutions.

  • We combine scientific, developer and data science expertise to deliver services that drive innovation, enhance efficiency, and contribute to breakthroughs in your field.

  • We produce, apps, algorithms and digital tools that save you time and money, removing your workflow pain points and deliver instant value.



IT Consulting

Elevate your pharmaceutical business with expert IT consulting. Our seasoned professionals specialize in crafting tailored solutions for the unique challenges of the industry. Benefit from our industry expertise, cutting-edge technology, and strategic planning to ensure scalable and secure IT infrastructure. Partner with us for targeted, efficient, and growth-focused IT solutions.

Software Development adept software developers bring extensive experience to craft innovative solutions tailored for pharmaceutical businesses. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and development methodologies, we create software precisely aligned with your needs, empowering you to reach and exceed your business goals.

Hardware Solutions provides specialized hardware solutions meticulously designed for pharmaceutical businesses. Our expert team assists in selecting and implementing the ideal hardware solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your enterprise. Elevate your operational efficiency with dedicated hardware expertise.

Data Analysis offers a comprehensive suite of data services, merging the precision of Data Analysis with the innovation of Data Science. Our adept team, deeply versed in the pharmaceutical industry, collaborates with you to gather, analyse, and interpret data. From foundational insights to advanced analytics and machine learning, we provide a holistic approach to transforming data into actionable intelligence. 





Lablinks Ltd, Parkway, Saint Mellons, Cardiff, UK


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